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MACA: Maca has a number of benefits to the body and acts as a natural energizer and hormone regulator. As a result, it increases libido, improves fertility health, regulates immune response and decreases stress levels.


CAMU CAMU: Contains extremely high amounts of vitamin C, around 50 times more than an orange.


PURPLE CORN: A powerful antioxidant. Helps control cardiovascular diseases, improves blood pressure and supports healthy glucose.


NATIVE CORN: Excellent source of fibers, folic acid and vitamin B.


QUINOA: It contains vitamins and important minerals like iron and magnesium and zinc.

Maca Mornings

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C$14.50 Regular Price
C$12.49Sale Price

    Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of Maca Mornings to your daily smoothie, milk, cereal, yogurt or favorite drink. It can also be added as an ingredient to all sorts of tasty recipes.


    Delicious instant mix based on maca, camu camu, purple corn, native corn and quinoa. 


    Enjoy Maca Mornings with your family at breakfast or at any time to boost your day.


    1 bag of Maca Mornings (200g)


    Organic gelatinized maca, organic camu camu extract, organic gelatinized purple corn, organic gelatinized native corn and organic gelatinized quinoa.


    Free shipping on orders C$ 25 or over. Ships within 3-5 business days.

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