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Hi! We are Diana and Mili. We are both Peruvians living in Montreal and friends from many years. After encountering different health issues related to stress and lack of energy, we both knew that going back to our roots was the best option to face our problems. Coming from the country with one of the richest lands in the world, we trusted our heritage and incorporated peruvian superfoods to our diet. Little did we know, only weeks after starting consuming the different superfoods mix that we brought from Peru, we noticed an improvement in our mental and physical health.


We then had an epiphany! We had to share our experiences and introduce these high nutritional value products to our city, and this is how “healthy llama” was born.

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Introduce to the North American market, high nutritional value products that contribute to a healthy family diet and at the same time, to promote the social and economic development of south american farmers, their families and their communities.


The variety of climate and fertility of the field are the biggest gifts that the “Pachamama” or mother earth can give us. The output are rich products not only in flavor, but most importantly, products with high nutrients found in nature, which most of them are not known by the modern world, but were very well known and valued by the Pre-inca and Inca civilizations that lived in the Andes and the Amazon back in the 15th century.


The land is worked by the whole family and is the main economic support of many of the Andean and Amazon communities. The contribution that this rich land gives to the communities is invaluable; they not only provide food, but by working it together as a community, they get access to education, health and training on new and improved crop methods.

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